4 Crucial Questions to Ask When Looking for Web Design Services

The biggest challenge that faces small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is how to break into the market through effective online marketing. One of the easiest ways to market any business in modern times is through a well-designed business website, hence the need for affordable web design services. Therefore, the next question becomes: how do I get the best and affordable web design services to meet all my business requirements?

For starters, you must bear in mind that a website should be designed in a manner that will boost traffic and increase conversion rates. This means that its design must:

  • Be user-friendly – in terms of page speed and readability
  • Be SEO optimised to improve its online accessibility
  • Be responsive – can fit on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Have great content – to keep visitors coming back
  • Have A/B Testing tool – for comparison of web pages.

Back to the 4 crucial questions to answer when in search of the best web design services that you need to ask yourself:

1) What are the Business Goals for my Website?

The first thing to do before getting web design services is to figure out what kind of website will be most appropriate for your business goals. Does your business need a big portal, complete with an e-commerce functionality or just a smaller website? If it needs a big portal, you will need the services of a bigger company because e-commerce packages require more time and expertise to design. They are also likely to cost you more.

On the other hand, if your business goals can be met through offering basic information on your services or goods to your potential clients and web visitors, then you need a smaller website.

2) Can I Access Free Content Management Platforms?

Many sites that sell templates for platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others, which can easily be modified by any least experienced web designer. After the site has been set up for you, you can easily go ahead and easily flood it with your content of choice. Web sites that run on content management systems such as WordPress are quite easy in terms of regular updating and management, once they are up and running. You can even run it on your own.

The bottom-line is that to have a winning online business, you need a website with both design and content that are responsive in order to create a perfect alignment that can drive traffic and boost your conversion rates.

3) Do I Need Services of a Freelance Web Designer?

Most of the times, you may realize that you don’t need the services of a big web design company, in order to put up a functional and informative site. There are many experienced freelance web designers who can easily do the work for you at affordable costs. This becomes possible since freelancers normally have lower overhead costs as compared to bigger companies.

However, it would be crucial to take into consideration any risks involved in using the services of a freelancer, such as the possible absence of a legally binding contract and the high chances of lack of the necessary technical skills for the project at hand.

4) Do I Need The Services Of A Web Design Company?

When you need a larger and more complex portal for your business, it would only be prudent to go for an experienced web design company which offers an affordable e-commerce website as part of its packages. You will have several local and global web design companies to make your choice from.

For you to get the right company that will meet your web design needs, you will have to take some time and conduct proper research both online and through word of mouth.This is where getting a professional digital marketing agency can be of great use, one that fully appreciates online marketing and web design.


An attractive website may not be enough to help you realize your marketing goals. While engaging a professional web designer can greatly assist in terms of creating an effective online presence. Your business and strategic goals must be clear even before you think of engaging web designers.

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