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5 Effective website Design Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

When it comes to designing your blog or website it isn’t just about the visual design, it’s also about your brand or company and how it’s represented.

As a company or a brand, you need to drive traffic to your site before you even think about getting sales. This means that your site has to be effective both visually and easy to use.

Here are five effective website design tips to help you increase conversion rates:

1: Is the website user-friendly?

Page speed

The quicker your website loads, the better. If your web pages take too long to load, then this will turn visitors away, as they will get fed up with waiting and click on one of your competitors elsewhere. A web page should ideally take one second to load to give the users the feeling that they can navigate freely. To check your page speed you can use site analyzer .


Make sure that your website is readable. No one wants to land on a site full of grammatical errors and sentences that don’t make sense. Content should be interactive, informative, and grammatical error free. As a brand or blogger, your audience is unlikely to trust you if your website is full or errors.

2: SEO

SEO can help increase your conversion rates, making this one of the most important things to get right while building a website or a blog.

You should take some time to brush up on SEO skills and see how you can use certain keywords to help your site rank better in Google. You will know when you have mastered SEO when you start to gain more visitors to your site. Whether you are a casual blogger or business always, remember to provide lots of informative information on your web pages by focusing on making a site that is easy to find for potential customers.

3: A Responsive Website design

Findings from the KPCB mobile technology trends in April this year shows that Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to a desktop (42%).

Mobile web browsing is at the heart of the digital world and more consumers using their gadgets to buy online products and download games and music.

It’s important that all website and blog owners have a responsive website design that fits desktops, mobiles, and tablets. You can make sure that your site has a responsive website design by going to “” and typing in your website domain.

4: Great content

With so much content on the web, it’s important to make your site stand out and be different to the others.

Ideally, you want users to subscribe to your newsletter, download an ebook or invest in the services you have to offer. Having great content won’t make your site become an overnight success, but over time, visitors will start to trust your brand and products and start to subscribe to your services and return to your website.

5: A/B testing

A/B testing gives you the opportunity to compare two different web pages of your website, for example, one person might see a page with a subscription form on and another might show the same page without it.

You can use several affordable tools you can use such as Unbounce, Google Analytics Experiments, and Optimizely.

What are your favourite tools when it comes to effective website designs to increase your conversion rate? What works best? Share your tips and experiences with us.

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