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5 SEO Tips to Achieve Faster and Higher Google Ranking

Today, lots of excellent SEO tools both free and paid are available so that you can use in developing an effective SEO strategy that will see your company ranking highly on Google. SEO is now acknowledged as a vital component for any business success, and the longer you wait before starting, the further behind you will be compared to your competitors. What can you do to achieve higher ranking faster?

1. Frequently Update your Website

Compared to sites with static content, those with dynamic content tend to often rank higher. In the eyes of most search engines, fresh content brings an element of relevancy to your website. This partly explains why directories (like Wikipedia) and blogs tend to do well on search engines as the owners are always updating them with fresh content. Ensure that your site has a main focus. Of course, it can also cover other stuff, too, but it is vital to choose your one primary topic, that which is essential to the message you want to send out. This is a critical step, and it helps to carry out some keyword research before you choose a topic.

2. Text Formatting and Tags

It is important that before you decide to publish any text, you perform some basic formatting. Without good formatting, the user experience is not pleasant, and it works against all your SEO efforts.

General guidelines for page/post formatting on your website:

  • Use H1 tags for your post’s title
  • Use H2 tags for your post’s main headings
  • Use italics and BOLD to draw the attention of the users
  • Avoid using H2 tags for all post headings
  • Write content in small paragraphs
  • Use an easy-to-read font size.

Always have the end user experience in mind when formatting your posts. Will the reader identify your post’s main sections simply just by skimming through the page? On all devices such as Android tablets, iPads, and smartphones, is your text easy to read?

3. Invest More Time in Content

If your content doesn’t appeal to the user, there’s no reason why you should spend more time on optimization efforts. Monitor your site’s stats, the keywords, levels of engagement per topic and identify the expectations of the users from your page. Come up with new and innovative ideas on how to expand your content and think about investing in evergreen content. At all times, think like the user and not like a search engine.

4. Get External Links

If it can be said that content is king, then we can rightly say that links are queen. While creating incredible content is crucial and may get your business some links, you still need to have some “link building”. Google heavily relies on external links in determining how good your post is. Build a credible network of quality backlinks, although you should not make that to be the primary focus.

5. Offer Great User Experience

It’s no secret that to succeed in getting quality visitors, speed matters. Research shows that websites that load slower are associated with high bounce rates. Up to 40 percent of your visitors are probably going to abandon your site if it is taking more 3 seconds to load. You may want to consider using AMP pages to solve the problem of speed as they are known to load 30 times faster than non-AMP pages. The median AMP load time is about 0.7 seconds compared to 22 seconds for pages that are non-AMP.


It is important to recognize that no two websites can ever be the same. An SEO strategy developed for another site may not be guaranteed to work for your site because too many variables come into play. Always remember you can also get help directly from Google itself by visiting their Webmaster Guidelines or watching Webmaster videos or by engaging professional SEO firms.

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