5 Ways to Give Your Content More Credibility

Content means everything to marketing products and services online. If no one trusts your content, it won’t convert your audience. The benefits of online content for branding is great. According to Altimeter study, nearly 78% of consumers report it improves brand trustworthiness.

The reason custom content is so influential is because it shows brand credibility. Understanding how to bring out that credibility is essential to improving trust with your brand.

Here are 5 ways to boost the credibility of your content.


1. Say Things That Matter


One of the reasons content marketing doesn’t work for people is because their content isn’t authoritative enough. This is why it is important for your website to address the actual concerns of readers. In essence, it should say things that matter: to your brand, to your customers, and to someone who may just be passing by your website.


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Take a look at this screenshot. Even though this information is on the landing page for a large website, it is still giving readers a lot of details in a small space. When readers see content like this––even in a shortened form––they know you will actually have important information for them and they will be likely to delve deeper into your website.


2. Use Credible Sources


A way to give your content a quick credibility boost is to give it more authority and integrity. If you feel your word alone should be enough for your readers when it comes to the content on your website or blog, this might come off as arrogant. It is necessary to show you have done your research, even if you are an expert on the subject.


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On this website, the content discusses a serious subject (addiction) and makes reference to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a very credible website. If readers hover over the link, they will see exactly where the information came from and, if they feel it is necessary, they will click on the link. Making sure the new website opens in a separate browser is a great way to boost your credibility with sources and still keep your site open if an individual does decide to click the link.


3. Say What You Believe… Even If No One Else Is Saying It


Forbes maintains this is one of the best ways to boost your business’ credibility in the office and online. If you’re basically saying the same thing everyone else is, what’s the point of reading your blog over anyone else’s?


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For example, a search for “innovations in education” yields a dozen articles heralding the changes we’re currently making and will continue to make in our educational spectrums, but this article specifically states there are barriers to innovation in the sphere of education. It even posits these barriers may be helpful or necessary. If you have an idea that’s outside the box––as long as you believe in it and you can back it up with sources––make sure you share it.


4. Provide Premium Content Without Barriers


Interactive content can save content marketing from the dark side, according to Too many blogs and websites offer mediocre content hidden behind an interactive form that asks readers for information like their email addresses, names, etc. Many people feel uncomfortable when they see something like this (usually because they’ve been burned so many times in the past). The best way to prove your credibility in this instance is to provide people with helpful, high-quality content without asking for anything in return.


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A website that asks for an email address before releasing any content can make readers uncomfortable and likely to search elsewhere.


5. Use Brand Signals


Analyzing your brand signals is important to online marketing success, and this is achieved with credible content. The Huffington Post states that brand signals require credibility. When your company uses brand signals in its content, you are showing that you are a trustworthy expert on a subject and that you have important information to share with your readers. In fact, you can even analyze the Huffington Post itself to see how brand signals can impact your content.




You can clearly see the brand has a social media presence, as described in the content, and you can see clever branding in the phrase: “Start your workday the right way with the news that matters most,” which makes a clear connection to the site itself.


Is Your Content Credible?


Think about whether you’ve been doing everything possible to show your website is credible. If you haven’t, start increasing the credibility of your website through your content. Back up your content with authoritative resources, and build trust with your audience. These are the best ways to boost your visibility online to increase recognition and boost conversion rates.


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