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How Artificial Intelligence Is Making a Deep Impact on Social Media

Social media is always in an effervescent state with a lot of changes seeping into it from various aspects. With artificial intelligence bringing about significant changes in the functioning of social media, many observers are fearing that our lives in future will be somewhat similar to the one projected by George Orwell in his novel 1984. Instead of “Big Brother” it will be artificial intelligence that will watch over us.

Whether or not the Orwellian images of dystopian future come true, the undeniable impact of artificial intelligence is making social media more interesting from a user’s perspective. Before going into the details about the impact of AI on social media, let us point out some myths surrounding it that many people still believe in.

The common AI myths

  • The first myth is that AI will replace humans from the work fields and all industries. While AI can perform more precisely than humans, it needs humans to operate effectively. Actually AI is here to lend a hand to humans so that we can focus on the core activities.
  • Secondly, AI is not a substitute for the human brain. Some aspects of machine learning have been inspired by the actions of the human brain but it is nothing equivalent to it. While some AI forms can appear intelligent, they generally operate within a framework of conditions which are to be met to get the right results.
  • The third myth or mistake an individual can make is by thinking that his business does not need the support of an AI. It is important that a business must regularly assess the needs of AI to streamline its functionality and become more effective in the competitive marketplace.

With the general myths pointed out, we can now focus on some impacts of AI on social media.

AI for image recognition

With millions of images being posted in social media, the use of AI to analyse this vast data is definitely one aspect that is going to be of prime importance. Image recognition to identify consumer behavior patterns and specify suitable marketing opportunities more accurately will be the goal of all social media platforms. Facebook is using deep learning technique to identify the context of various videos and images. This will help it to display specific advertisements for a particular range of users.

Text and face recognition

Two other tools that Facebook has developed to a large extent are Deep Text and face recognition. Deep Text analyses the words that are present in the posts made by the users and it can operate in 20 different languages. In terms of image recognition, Facebook has claimed that their tool is more effective than humans in identifying faces from images. In fact the success of their technology has also raised questions about the sanctity of user’s privacy.

AI influence on Twitter

The most important use of AI that Twitter makes is recommending the most relevant tweets for a user’s timeline. With around 6000 tweets per second, only the speed and accuracy of AI can effectively sort through this huge volume of data in a quick time. The NLP technology can analyse 1000 tweets in a second and sort out the tweets that a user will find most interesting. AI is also used to filter out hateful and racist tweets and then in removing those accounts. 2017 alone saw the removal of almost 3 lakh terrorist related accounts from Twitter with the use of AI.

The Instagram effect

Instagram has taken over the social media scenario in a swift pace and is one of the top marketing tools for various brands. With around 70 million photos being uploaded everyday with different hashtags, AI helps the users to find the most relevant ones depending on their needs and favorite activities. Instagram also has its own AI influencer Miquela, who has around 16 million followers.

Last words

AI is one of the best solutions for various brands to reach out to the right customers through social media. Knowingly or unknowingly, our interactions with AI through social media is bound to increase in the coming days and we need to make the best use of it.

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