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The Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Overlook in 2019

With change being the keyword in every field of technology, new trends are constant in the world of digital marketing. It is extremely important for businesses to learn and adopt so as to make the best use of these advancements in line with their marketing strategies. In this article we will highlight five of the emerging trends that are important in 2019.

The importance of AI

There is no doubt about the fact that AI is here to stay and bring about a range of innovations in the field of digital marketing. One of the most important changes brought about by AI is the rise of the chatbots. Chatbots can easily be integrated with any website and they are quick and efficient in answering questions related to data and recording requests. It is being estimated that these bots will be conducting up to 80 percent of the business communications in the coming five years.

The ability of AI to provide more efficient data analysis is another advantage that a business can utilize to provide hyper-personalization for their customers. From personalized content to personalized travel trips, these will empower customer specific product advertisements in a major way. Specific algorithms can make machine intelligence customize an experience more effectively to appeal to an individual.

Voice is on the rise

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Voice search constitutes around one-third of the total searches made in Google in a day and the numbers are set to rise. The new advancements in language processing, computational linguistics and machine learning are making the virtual assistants from various platforms extremely efficient. For any brand, updating its SEO strategy to introduce a more conversational tone in the content will be extremely important to align with voice based searches. A major part of the content will need to contain phrases and expressions that people speak rather than just a package of keywords. This is a major step that is needed for businesses to stay in the top ranking search results.

Video will rule


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With the average attention span getting shorter, it is natural that people will watch a video about a product rather than read a blog post. It has been established that over 73 percent of Americans associate with YouTube. The video interface can connect directly with customers through multiple channels including social media. Platforms like Facebook Live are already making a wave in this aspect. An interactive live streaming session with the right personality can be a big draw and boost the brand image in a big way.

At the same time, optimizing the video content for better SEO is also an important aspect. Using keywords in the video script and titling the video in the right way while keeping it engaging and relevant will generate a higher rank in Google search results. The importance of content cannot be ignored even when going ahead with video marketing plans.

Content remains a priority

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Speaking of content, it still remains an essential element that forms the framework of digital marketing and will continue to be so. With the advancement in AI, content has to be target-specific and often more personalized to bring about optimum results. Generating specialized materials for a specific industry or a particular range of audience will deliver better results. There are also advanced techniques to measure content effectiveness, which will help businesses to be more precise in their approach.

Speed in mobile devices

About 60 percent of the search traffic in Google come from mobile devices. Hence as a marketer, it is particularly important that your website should load in a fast and smooth manner in a mobile. Google has brought in accelerated mobile page (AMP) technology that loads pages in just 0.5 seconds and offers a lower bounce rate. The Progressive Web Apps which is an interface between a website and a native app also delivers a faster loading time. This is extremely advantageous to reach customers in areas with poor connectivity. Optimized user experience is one key that cannot be overlooked in the digital marketing arena.

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