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Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Because consumer and buyer behavior is not static, digital marketers must continuously find ways through which they can reach their target audience depending on what is trending at any given time. New social media platforms pop up every now and again; consumer preferences arise and disappear just as digital marketing tactics lose affectivity and change. It is all in a constant state of flux, and as such so must be every digital marketer.

Challenges associated with changing digital marketing trends

Of course, when what you know very well today is no longer as effective tomorrow, you must learn what is effective at that given time. This means taking the time to study the trends and being prepared to shift with the change. It means keeping your ear to the ground and staying in touch with your target audience just to keep up with what they prefer and how those preferences are likely to change in a month or a year.

It also means having a contingency budget in place in case the new marketing avenue is not as free or as cheap as the previous ones. But because most digital marketers do not have the luxury of having a bottomless marketing budget, they must study and come up with the right mix of internet marketing tactics and avenues that give them the best ROI.

As the year comes to an end, it is only wise to study the current digital marketing trends and how they are bound to shift in the next coming business year. This is in an effort to give digital marketers the right kind of advice and guidance when it comes to focusing their efforts on marketing methods that matter. Methods that will remain effective for months or years to come as opposed to relying on methods that will be obsolete come the New Year.

Mobile will continue to dominate

This is not a new trend, but with every New Year mobile advertising and consumer engagement becomes more crucial. It reached a tipping point in 2014 when the number of people accessing the internet through their mobile devices surpassed that of the people doing so through desktop devices. The truth is that all these marketing trends depend on consumer behavior. You go where your audience is at all times. And now, millennials are hugely on mobile devices and as such, this is the where marketers can reach and engage them.

Research carried out by Google has presented ‘Micro-moments’ which essentially advises brands on how to use engaging content to win over the consumer between those little moments when they pick up their phone to look up something, make a buy decision or move on to other things that distract them online. If you can grab their attention with compelling content here, then you can easily create a lead that could end up with you gaining a customer.

Email marketing is still not dead

Over the years, digital marketers and Gurus have proclaimed the death of email marketing as a way to reach customers and bring in revenue. The truth is, those saying that email is dead are doing it wrong. Email marketing is still the most effective way to promote products and keep in touch with your past and potential customers today, just as it was yesterday and as it will be tomorrow. The trick is to learn how to use it effectively.

Expert internet marketers who segment their email campaigns report well over 760% more income based on this practice alone. You are also advised to create opt-in email audiences as well as personalize the messages. Stop sending people spam but improve on how much useful content you send them.

Personalize your messages

Although long considered one of the most ‘creepy’ digital marketing trends to follow, today, consumers no longer mind receiving personalized marketing messages. Thanks to big data, many of those who shop online know that companies can keep track of their preferences and use that information to give them suggestions as to what they might find useful as well as keep them up to date with their most preferred products or services.

In fact, today, up to 73% of shoppers prefer receiving personalized marketing messages as opposed to being part of a bulk emailing list that sends them standardized messages that only seem mediocre. Personalize your messages as much as you can to deliver more quality as opposed to quantity.


Of course, social media marketing is still up there with the best of them. The only thing that changes on this front is the kind of platforms your targeted market niche is using. From Snapchat to Instagram and even Pinterest, you will have to use your analytics to gather this kind of information and adjust your marketing accordingly. As an internet marketer, digital marketing trends should be something that you continuously keep up with and take advantage of at every turn.

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