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Why is Link Building Important For SEO?

Whenever talking about SEO, it is inevitable to mention link building. In fact, link building is a fundamental part of search engine optimization. It is simply impossible for sites to rank without links.

What Is Link Building?

To put things as simple as possible, link building is a process through which you get links from sites to the site you own. The search engines are using these links in order to crawl the internet.

Countless strategies exist for link building and every link campaign is unique. No matter the case, SEOs all agree that link building is vital and they spend a lot of time so that they do it properly. But why is that?

Why Is Link Building So Important For Search Engine Optimization?

Everything revolves around why links are important for search engines. Links are used by them in order to:

  • Discover brand new pages.
  • Determine the authority of a site/page.

After the search engine crawls a site, content is extracted. That content is added to indexes. When the page is considered to be of a good quality, it is ranked based on specific keywords. Obviously, when the rank is chosen, it is done based on much more than just the site content or the links.

Links have always been a really important ranking factor. When Google first started to rank sites, it used links as a ranking factor. Nowadays, it is still important but does not have the weight it used to be.

In the past, links were simply seen as being votes of confidence. When a site had many links, it ranked high. Eventually, Google figured out the fact that people could manipulate rankings by simply getting as many backlinks as possible. Thankfully, the search engine giant changed this and now there are countless factors that are considered when a site is ranked.

Nowadays, getting too many backlinks from resources that are not seen as being related to your site leads to Google Penalties. It is thus really important to learn what link building strategies should never be used. Every single site owner that wants to do SEO work has to avoid strategies that would lead to breaking Google guidelines.

The controversy surrounding link building is all about the fact that people do not know what Google’s algorithm is. The SEO community knows that link building are a huge part of the algorithm but they have no real idea about how important they are.

Statistics show us that sites and pages that rank really high have many relevant backlinks. It is also obvious that some links coming from high-authority websites are much more important than countless links coming from low authority websites.

Final Thoughts

If you want to climb in search engine rankings, you absolutely need to get links to the pages you want to rank. Those links should come from high-authority sites and be as related as possible. If you do not do this, it is impossible to get high rankings. Even if you can get links naturally, actively working to get them helps get faster results.

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