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Why You Need a Custom Built Website

In today’s world, a company cannot fully thrive if they do not have a website. A website is a critical tool for your business in such a way that one cannot overlook its importance. When it comes to building the website, however, there are questions every business or individual must answer. Should you get a customized website or should you use a template? Templates are usually free. And there are thousands of them on the internet.

However, one needs to reflect on the long game. Will the template based website be an asset or a liability for your business in the long run? To help you decide which solution is best for you, here are the top benefits of having a customized website;

Gives Credibility to Your Business

When a client wants to check out a company, the very first thing they do is look at their website. The way the site looks speaks volumes to the customer. This is where they will decide whether or not to work with you. When you are using a template, chances are other organizations or individuals are using the exact template you are. You might think that nobody will notice, but in most times, people do see. The website looks generic and as such people will not take you seriously.

Presents a True Image of Your Business

As stated earlier, a website is usually the first contact a business has with a prospective client on the internet. When you are using a customized website, it shows an aura of professionalism and also shows that you take your work seriously. With a website, you can portray your business’ image to the world. Since your letterheads, business cards and brochures are custom made for you, why should you settle for less when it comes to the website?

You Enjoy Continual Aid from Professionals

When you are dealing with a free template based websites, you find that when you run into problems, you are usually all alone. No one can help you. However, by engaging the services of a professional to build your website, it means that you have continued support and assistance from the web developers who made your site.

By engaging a professional to build your site from scratch, you can go through different stages together to ensure that the resulting website is appealing to your demographic and that your business is presented in the best possible light.

Your Website Becomes Search Engine Ready

Today, if anyone wants anything on the internet, all they have to do is search the internet via a search engine. Custom made websites are SEO ready and as such are well suited for online marketing strategies. By having a customized website, you can create useful, relevant, unique content that will in turn help you get a higher search engine ranking. The background code of a website is usually critical to a website’s success on search engine rankings.


Having a customized website is essential for a business as you can change it as your business needs change. Whether over time you want to add or remove sections on the website, it’s easier done with a customized website. What’s more, you can scale the website at will without worrying if the website can support the scaling.


All in all, it is better to custom make a website than to use templates. This will help your website standout from all the other websites on the web and as such help you in branding. Even though it might seem expensive at the start, a custom built website is the best solution in the long run.

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