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Simple SEO Tips All Beginners Should Know About The Google SEO Algorithm

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are countless articles written about so many parts of the industry that beginners often have no idea where to start. When you just start learning SEO, you usually do it to do work on a specific site. Weeding out the articles that you do not need can be quite complicated. You often start wondering about SEO trends, what works, what does not work and things that are simply too complex. This includes the Google SEO Algorithm.

What most people do not understand or know is that the Google SEO Algorithm is basically not known by anyone. People deduct what works and what does not work base on results. You cannot alter the content so that you trick the algorithm. This is why your SEO should focus on basics, like the ones presented below.

Find And Use The Relevant Keywords

Successful SEO is all about keywords. You need to find those that are the most relevant for your business and you need to properly use them. The Google SEO algorithm will always use keywords to determine value.


Starting keyword research is usually based on brainstorming. You just think about the keywords others would use in order to find the content you create. Then, you utilize keyword research tools to find other keywords that you can use.

Picking just the relevant keywords and those that will actually bring in relevant traffic is the most important part of modern SEO so you have to be particularly good at it. Focus on that first as a beginner, not on complex matters like how keywords can accidentally de-index your site.

Optimize Meta Descriptions And Page Titles

When referring to on-page SEO, which is what you do on your pages, the biggest part is optimizing page titles and meta descriptions. This is because you optimize the text that people see when they do a Google Search. The Google SEO algorithm takes this information into account in order to understand what the page is about.

In these parts of your page, you need to have the relevant keywords you discovered before. Also, you need to draft these so that they are more likely to be clicked by the person performing the search.

Whenever possible, try to include the who, where or what in these areas. Ideally, the keyword should be at the beginning of your page title but this is not a rule that always has to be respected.

Focus On Content Creation

focus, content

Many SEO beginners think way too much about optimization and forget the most important thing at the end of the day: making sure the content is valuable. People read the content that you write and need to find real value in it.

With this in mind, start by writing the very best possible content you can about the topic that you chose. Then, when the content is done, it is time to optimize it. Fortunately, most of the optimization that you have to do is to add some keywords here and there and to work on formatting the article in a better way.

The best performing content is longer, over 1,000 words. Most of the pages that rank high on Google are actually over 2,000 words.

Build Really Relevant Links

Instead of randomly getting numerous links to your site, which is what many beginners do, focus on building the most relevant links possible.

Relevant links are votes coming from other sites. They are seen as being signs that your content is valuable. However, this is only the case if links come from sites that are related to yours. The credibility of the sites linking to your site should be high in order for the links to be really valuable.

Final Thoughts

You might have heard that Google starts new Search Console training on YouTube. Such information can be really valuable for beginners. However, at the end of the day, the quality of the work that you do revolves around the quality of the content that you create. You need to be extremely careful with everything but you should not worry too much about technical SEO. Such knowledge is gained in time.

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