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Web Design Tips to Help Increase Conversions

You need a website that has a compelling web design and quality content, so your site looks professional and attracts customers.

Here are some web design tips to help increase conversions:

Make sure your Web Design is SEO friendly

Your web design needs to be SEO friendly to achieve good search engine rankings and improve visibility in Google and Bing.

There’s no point in having a business website with high traffic and no conversions, which is why you need to create a strategy which is designed to convert as much traffic as possible.

You don’t just need an audience; you need the right type of audience. If you don’t have a plan on how to increase conversions, your bounce rates are likely to be high, and visitors will leave after a few seconds. You need an attractive design, so customers will stay on your site and turned clicks into conversions.

Publish excellent content

By creating and posting quality content doesn’t guarantee you instant results overnight. However, it will help visitors become familiar with your brand, products and services that you are offering over time. Whether you are promoting a “How To” video, an infographic, a podcast or an article, valuable content will help increase conversions on your website.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly

Google likes mobile friendly websites that are easy for mobile users to scroll and swipe their way through their favourite websites. By making sure that your web design allows space for your calls to action to be kept above the fold will allow easy mobile browsing possible without having to scroll down to view. You should also check that your buttons and links are the right sizes and this should help to increase website conversions.

Split testing can help increase conversions

Thousands of small businesses are using our A/B testing software for landing page optimisation, increasing website sales and improving conversion rate

When you launch a new website campaign, A/B testing is great for allowing you to compare the performance of two different web design versions. One group of people might like to see a call to action with a coloured button, and another might prefer a text link. Getting split testing right is important because this can be the difference between an increase in conversions and a click without conversions. For more information on split testing, Kiss Metrics has posted a great A/B testing article for beginners to read.

Improve your user experience

You need a design with WOW factor that is well optimised and ranking ideally on the first page of Google.

If your web design isn’t user-friendly, then you can forget about increased conversions, as you will have trouble getting views and you will also find that your website has a high bounce rate.

To help improve your user experience you need to understand your target audience, who they are?, What they want ? and what do they expect? With a great web design and user-friendly website, you are guaranteed to increase those clicks into conversions.


By implementing these tips above should leave you with a website design that will look great, easy to use and most importantly help guide more visitors to your site, resulting in an increase in conversion rates.

Do you have any web design tips to increase conversions? Let us know what you think of the above suggestions and feel free to discuss your tricks and tips.

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